Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learning To Love You More Assignment #43

Make an exhibition of art in you parent's house.

Here we go...

This clock used to hang in the eating area of the kitchen, now it's above the kitchen sink. I keep changing my mind about it. Sometimes it looks ugly or silly and sometimes it's cute and fun. Now it's mostly nostalgic.

My Dad loves MC Escher. We have a couple more prints of his work, but this is the one that's always been around. I could stare it for hours when I was younger, trying to figure out how I could do that.

Poster of a Matisse collage. It used to be in the Guest room in Michigan, then in my bedroom for a few years. I loved how it was the brightest craziest thing in the whole house.

There used to be two of these. I don't remember who made it. I do remember it used to look like just blobs and took me years to finally see the bull, then the horse and it's rider.

This is a page of actual dollar bills. My parents got it someitme before I was born. I used to count all the bills to make sure the number hadn't changed.

My Parent's Ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) used to hang in the living room, but now hangs in their bedroom next to their wedding photo. Until I knew it was their ketubah, I thought it was the worst piece of art in the entire house. It's a shame the ink has faded so much. The first picture is a close-up on their hebrew names and the signatures, one of the only parts of it still easily readable.

This is another poster, I think. It's always hung in the downstairs bathroom, in Michigan, we even painted the bathroom in colors that complimented it. The walls were much more interesting than the art they were supposed to compliment.

This is a needlepoint sample piece my mom made that used to hang on the wall by the stairs,. Mom used to do a lot of needlepoint work, but eventually got too busy with 'real work'. I used to think it was really ugly, but now it's really nostalgic.

The two Ansel Adams posters used to look boring to me, but now I really appreciatte them from an aesthetic point of view. 

This one used to hang in the living room right next to my parent's Ketubah. It took me years to realize it was flowers in a vase, not some fantastic creature.

Out of all the posters in the house from museums and things my parent's saw before i was born, this is the one I remember most. I think this what inspired me to go through my hat phase in preschool. I wore hats everywhere and my favorite on looked like the hat on the statue in this poster.

This is a poster from an opera, I think, I used to stare at it for hours on end trying to figure it out.

It's a fuzzy dreamcatcher! Honestly, I still don't know what it is, but it always goes on the living room wall.

The next two pictures are wall hangings that are part f a set of three, the third hasn't been around since I was a kid, so it doesn't go in the exhibit even though it's huge and awesome.

These baskets match the wall hangings and fuzzy dreamcatcher and go on the mantle over the fireplace, they feel like they go together so much, I never think of them separately.

learning to love you more assignment #33

Braid Someone's Hair. 

I wasn't intending to do this assignment. Then I noticed how much fun it would be to braid Lizzy's hair. It's so long...

Chag Purim

There's this Jewish holiday called Purim that's infinitely more awesome than Hanukkah. It's like Halloween, only the treats are delivered to you by friends and family and neighbors and people who think they owe you something (It's called Mishloach Manot). It's also like Mardi Gras because we're supposed to dress up and party/feast. Unfortunately, Purim has gotten less and less party-like over the years because everyone makes a big deal out of Hanukkah even though it's not technically even a Holiday (as in Holy Day since it's about as Holy fourth of July).

Purim used to be one of my favorite holidays. We used to make Hamentashen (the traditional traingular pastry things) and put effort into our costumes. This year, I didn't know when it was until the day before. We bought Hamentashen from the Synagogue instead of making our own. We threw together our costumes out of random things around the house and things I use for convention outfits. And the worst part was, we were still the most enthusiastic group in the entire synagogue. Seriously, they used the smaller (though prettier) chapel instead of the main one. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of my family and our friend Lizzy dressed up for purim last monday.