Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boxes o feathers...

These are all the feathers I use in making wings. the first is a box full of tom rounds which I use for most of the wings I make.

 The second pic has Marabou, which are fluffy and used on the tops of the wings.

The third is the box of Marabou, use caution when opening because your room could end up coated in a pound of fluff if you don't. Yes, they crammed a pound of feathers in there.

The fourth and fifth show the Turkey tom round feathers which are curved so I got half a pound of left and half a pound of right to have both sides of the wings work right. Also, if I had only one side, I'd fly in circles. The round need a bit of trimming to look extra pretty.

I also have both kinds of feathers in Black, but the pictures of these are clearer.

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