Friday, January 16, 2009

First pair- finished!

The first pair of wings with the new design is finished. Turned out a bit lopsided, but I know what went wrong so the next pair should be fine. I'm going to start several pairs at once now to be ready for the convention in February.

Also, you can see my table in the third picture without the nice cloth set up. This is where i work on everything. Art, Wings, Randomness. Basically everything not done on my computer is done here. I'm constantly cleaning to keep different materials from getting onto each new thing. Going from a charcoal drawing straight into working on these pretty white feathers would be a terrible idea as would accidentally gluing feathers to my 3D work. So I'm constantly cleaning up. I have to be neater and more organized than ever before in my life because of the limited space in which to work.

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